Is It Possible For Psychics To Read Past Lives?


Contrary to popular belief, experiencing a past life reading is different to having a psychic reading. While these terms are interchangeable, the difference lies in the acts performed by the psychic and the past life reader. While a psychic will engage with their client and regurgitate all that happened in a past life, the reader will guide you to remember your own experience. They assist in-memory processing and correlation of these memories to a present life. So, what is a past life regression? We’ll cover that and more in this article.

1. The Regression Session

Past life readers tend to operate according to regression sessions which last approximately three hours. During these meetings, they will gain a sense of who you are, why you are looking to negotiate your past life and guide you through the past life regression. This process is essential because specific patterns in your present life are a reflection of your past life experiences.

In the second and third hours of a regression session, a past life reader would conduct a regression. The regression happens as you relax and close your eyes to focus on the inner life experience. Actual regression to a past life experience can last from 60-90 minutes according to the individual. Psychic professionals will always do their best to ensure you have enough time to become orientated with your past life and guide you through the experience.

2. The State Of Mind

Hypnosis is a type of directed awareness and to experience a past life regression; it is essential that the perception is directed inward to your inner self. To access the memories as part of your spiritual self, you focus on a lightweight transient state of mind. Many people report that they are aware of outside interactions when in this zone, such as birds chirping or airplanes flying overhead.

Past life reading professionals will guide the client, that’s you, in concentrating on the inner self and focus on this inward experience. The most common method to reach a transient state of mind is to focus on the rhythmic inhalation of breath and relaxation of the body. Professionals help guide you through this procedure, so you are in a deep state of relaxation. In this place, you will be highly sensitive to inner visual experiences, emotions and physical sensations.

3. Exposing Meaningful Memories

Typically, the memories come to the surface in a past life regression session that will deal with traumatic past life experiences. If this is the case, it is often due to trauma associated with death. The traumatic event can have an unconscious effect on the present day life, and by exposing the memory into awareness, you will gain context of the past life and death. However, it is the case that traumatic death experiences can prompt intense emotions which can be challenging to manage. Past life readers are trained to guide people in these situations and help them overcome these events to move forward healthily.

The ultimate healing during a PLR session can be either a striking experience with immediate results or a subtle experience with results seen over time. The positive progression is a combination of efforts between you and the professional PL reader. There is no way to know if you can process these past life memories until you have undergone a past life regression session.


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