Popular Theories Of What Happens After Death


Asking opinions about what happens after death can spark a conversation that will probably last all night. This controversy is because everyone ultimately has their perception of what possibly happens. Everyone has their vision of life after death, and here are some of the most popular.

The Soul Goes To Heaven Or Hell

Everyone is probably aware of the theory put forth by the Christian faith, and this is that saved souls go to heaven, and the damned souls go to hell – for eternity. However, different Christian groups have different opinions about how this process unfolds, but the result is pretty much the same.

As a side-note, Jewish people don’t believe in hell, only in heaven.


This theory is not as popular as the one mentioned above, but it does enjoy a rather big following. When people believe in reincarnation, they think they are reborn into a new life every time they die. And the purpose of getting reborn is to learn as much as possible because only once you gain that valuable knowledge you seek, the cycle stops.

Buddhist typically believe in reincarnation, but they are probably not the only ones. In fact, it has been a topic for many paranormal investigators. And the evidence over the years can cause some doubt.

Everything Stops

Many people like to think that there is no life after death. For them, when they push out their last breath, nothing is waiting on the other side. There won’t be any soul that leaves the body and float towards a higher level of consciousness.

And several individuals who support this theory are deeply devoted scientists. Thus, they need facts to prove life exists after someone dies, and how exactly is anybody going to demonstrate this beyond a shadow of a doubt?

You Create Your Heaven

There is a widespread belief that each person goes merely to the place where they think they deserve to be. For example, if you genuinely believe you are a good person, you’ll go to a happy place when you die. But if you think you deserve punishment, that’s precisely the reality that’s waiting for you.

Time Reboot

One of the most recent theories to create waves relates to an Albert Einstein theory. More specifically, he stated that energy couldn’t be created or destroyed. It can only change form.

Well, Dr. Robert Lanza, head of Astellas Global Regenerative Medicine, believes people create space and time. In fact, he theorizes that when you die, your life is moved somewhere else in the universe.

Ghosts And Spirits

Of course, there is the ever-popular theory that some souls never leave earth. Instead, they stay behind and become part of hauntings and other things of this nature.

Most people believe these souls have unfinished business, and they will never get to pass on to their heaven or hell if their life is bad.

Back To The Mothership

What would a life after death theory list be without the sci-fi lovers? As the theory goes, you get taken back to the mothership when you die, leaving your human husk behind. Of course, this is a generalization, and the details can get a little complicated, but the point is they believe that aliens are the creators of human beings.

Unfortunately, the only people who know what happens after death are those who have gone through it and remain there from our point of view. And the only way everyone else is going to discover the truth is by following the same fate.

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